Start a business project focused on innovation within a given sector requires an important personal and even economic effort on certain occasions.
Therefore, in consider that our proposal of franchise, will be support ideal for developing an innovative and profitable business.
We offer you the opportunity of joining a network of branches, integrated under a single corporate image, with capacity to provide highly specialized services in a personalized way to customers guaranteeing the quality of the technical procedures.
This results in complement the professional potential of every franchisee with the full support of a fully consolidated Group, which will provide the means, knowledge, support and technical and commercial support necessary to successfully develop a solid project, focused on the provision of high quality services to end-customers.

What is franchising?

The franchise is a formula of partnership business whose purpose is to obtain strategic advantages in dimension, management, productivity and costs.
The franchise involves a commitment for the parties: franchisor and franchisee, from which both sides benefit.
The franchisee obtains the possibility to integrate, as an independent company, a business in operation, of proven profitability, which entails: greater safety and chances of success.
The franchiser undertakes, Furthermore, to put at the disposal of the brand franchisee and hallmarks of a proven business, as well as the knowledge, techniques and support necessary to direct you to the success.
For its part the franchisee must be diligent management of the business, providing their ability to work and his business ability, more logical assumption of corresponding business risk.

In the United States market percentages of success, after 3 years of activity, favor those operating in duty-free treatment in a ratio of 5 to 1, with respect to those who are established independently.
In our country only 10 to 12 percent of the retail sector works as a franchise, respect to 50 per cent of United States, or to 35 per cent from other European countries, so the expectation of growth at 5 years would take us to that unless a quarter of retail, commercial and services, will operate in the form of franchise which gives us a clear idea of the enormous potential of short- and medium-term franchise chains.


At all times, as the franchisee to tell with the support necessary to carry out your work with professionalism, through educational support necessary.
Our training for the franchisee is specified, segmented and concrete to provide the necessary knowledge allowing the professional face hair and completions which would be practically impossible without this training.
During the installation and commissioning of the establishment will train the person designated by the franchisor as technical straightening Japanese ¨ ¨ in the shall be the responsibility of the completions of the system as well as the possibility of recommending the different techniques more favorable to our potential customers. profile is clearly a professional franchise which want to assume this responsibility and you want to stand out as a professional straightening by what we always recommend who go to be formed either have economic participation in the salon franchising is the owner, this will ensure that our know-how remains intact and develops advantages for franchisees of
Formations will be carried out individually, we have found that the best way to train is individually and this is one of our premises and differences, we hope to know how to make the most of them.
In the formative periods is committed to share their new knowledge as well as implement new services which might be potentially interesting for franchised salons.
You request, the professionals respond.

THE NUMBERS OF SUCCESS franchise is guaranteed by our success in the market. The business model has been tested and adjusted to achieve optimal design in quality of service, price and adaptability. Our proposal works and convince, as evidenced by more than 6000 customers who until now have relied on us.
At we are a group of professionals who believe in an idea, they think it's good to share this enthusiasm with others who want to participate in this project, and together to be more large and strong.
The service is fully salable. Marketing and customer acquisition model is effective. Our Department of marketing, through own sales techniques, and supported by professionals of a great knowledge of the environment, creates a new interest in more customers.
The single franchisee has to pick up the work and effort of this group of professionals, making the marketing of services and managing the relationships with clients, ensuring the loyalty of them. offers you the possibility of running your own business, be your own boss and expand without limitations. An unbeatable opportunity to merge successfully to the world of work, leaving behind the inactivity, precarious job or an uncertain future that depends on decisions of others. And you can always put your creativity, enthusiasm and dedication to work for your own benefit.

To which are you waiting for?, this is your great opportunity…
Get in touch with us and we will advise you in a personalized way to studying your specific case and together we will look at the viability of your future business.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us

Our franchise
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