Hair or hair

Let's go for another twist, another dissertation air, perhaps help us to be able to use both words in relation to what we actually do that ¨Tratar is the cabello¨

On the large differences, actually not there, there is no difference between hair and hair. Particular reference to mammals are chemically indistinguishable with a common main protein; keratin. This consequently means the same chemistry for skin, feathers and even nails.


The purpose of the hair as well as the hair seems to be the same, no matter who the porte, but there are different connotations of interesting reflection.


Many animals could not live without hair, without insulating properties that this provides, but many humans already living without any hair, or eliminate it's arms, head, legs, pubic, etc..

This is why I make a mention in differentiate at least how to speak or why I think we should make a distinction between these words in hairdressing.


In many animals, hair is not only an electrical source for different temperatures, also is a defensive measure. For lions, bears, certain dog breeds, and other animals, the hair around the neck for example makes it virtually impossible sometimes suffer bites, or damage by another animal, since usually wild animals tend to tacar in the neck of the possible victim.

In the animal Kingdom hair also serves to transport the smell as unequivocal seal of States of mood, health, fertility, etc. depending on the species that smell would vary in terms of its purpose.

Over the years the human hair has changed in the areas of growth, up to cultures where the hair is almost non-existent or ages where it lost almost in its entirety, the evolution us has been shaping different-shaped animals and that way as we no longer need it has been disappearing as a sign of evolution.

The main difference between hair and hair seems to be related or I think should be linked on the use to which pretend to focus on it.

The people we usually refer to the non-human hair like hair. Ever tend to move the word hair to an animal.


A simple example when someone has much hair on the chest, and here we call it clearly as hair and no hair, tends to be so by the similarity to some animal. We use to say:-it has a hairy chest and not; -has a lush hair.


Another possibility that has always been present to try to differentiate these words is to make them dependent of the length of the hair itself.

This can induce to error since the species are genetically predestined to a few laps and quantities of hair that nothing may differ, we do what we do.


We all know clients so much to do, your hair length will never vary, since this determines it by many vitamin, protein complexes that way, genetics, nothing we can do for them, can only alleviate that genetics has already predestined for them. Is true that we can help the various stages through which passes the hair from birth but little more.

Another difference that if I see as a real chance to change the use of the word at least purposes for our hairdressing sector.

It is that hair in animals generally has a cap of most striking growth in humans, your hair stops in a long given. EX: the sheep. As much as we leave them without shearing the hair stops. Why call it sheep hair and no hair of sheep.

Hair as I understand it, and although it come genetically determined has various possibilities of growth. So that he who is already very real genetics such as the hair on your arms, legs, etc.. clearly differentiate it from one who has a growing more striking and obviously chances of increasing their length, such as the hair of our customers.

As last differentiation for our sector, highlight the possibility to change a client's hair chemically by their length and precluding this definitive and permanent action in a short size hair. To treat hair with a system of straightening makes us lack something more than hair, need us a hair with physicochemical properties which allow us to make such a transformation, but us down with a simple depilatory for hair of arms length, but little more we would do the rest of our body hair. That is why I am arguing because hairdressing sector professionals Yes, let's make distinction on a same word depending on the environment in which we are going to work.

Hairdressing; Hair

Beauty: hair



I hope you liked this dissertation of a mint uneasy to understand a world in constant progress, a world that does not stop even if you want, a world where to be able to continue learning.


Thank you

Vanessa Moreno,

Hair or hair
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