What is Kensei technique?

Technical Kensei,

Years ago and as everyone who goes into a new system, our desire for improvement made us give us account that errors were committed in the hair of customers was nonsense for a system that promised a smooth, soft and shiny hair.

In the market there were just two brands that could make us competition and lower quality to the represented to date, but still having good products, the results were not as those who we had still the same compounds, nor even with the same brands.

When it begins with a foreign system where formations receive them from a third party or where the trainer does not speak your language correctly the problem arises from that basis of learning. This increases if representatives of the brand are not as sufficiently skilled to keep learning and stagnate in which simply ask a manufacturer, which is dedicated to making, sometimes to buy formulas to laboratories, but they themselves do not know problems to that face by multiple factors such as the types of hair, among other things because they have not ever seen them.

These reasons attached to that part of our staff was a public exponential problem of own dissatisfaction of his hair, he has made us to improve day by day.

The example is simple, imagine that someone has blown and tells his feeling, even teaches the brand with the passage of time, surely you can feel hurt by this incident, but if before not it has blown hard you can recreate or closely, feels more if time has passed since sometime you burn now it will be difficult to remember exactly the pain or sensation, you will recall that it hurt, even that he was uncomfortable or painful but you can not approaching the real problem, the real feeling of someone burning constantly for one reason or another. As this happens in reality with the Japanese straightening and has been fundamental to the development of our technical Kensei.

17Our technical director suffers from youth hair extremely curly, coarse, ungrateful, and this made that constantly find the way to improve, and to understand that it was better for the hair of customers and the problem that she had. Eleven takes our technical director with the made system, and eleven are the years devoted body and soul to what she expresses as the privilege to make a work that began with a hobby since childhood due to an own issue.

The Kensei technique develops as part of the loss of naivety, as a development of the youth, credulous ignorance and want to believe that only with a product and a step by step system could be a success. Big mistake!
As we understand this art, is like achieving a deep understanding, to look even customer and identify their needs, being able to get to meet them through a system of craft, completely unique to each client, where the guidelines must be changed to start the procedure.

Each hair is different and each one will behave differently.
Technical Kensei is one who tries to get ahead of events, fruits of excellent training and an empathy full with the result that you want to bring to the customer who relies on the technical Kensei will guide you to your purpose, before was a dream, now a reality.
Many have been the efforts made by our staff to provide clients and professionals a know-how – difficult to match, most of our staff, has gone through moles in rooms where done them a system called ¨japones¨ resulting in a broken hair, forcing the technician cut your hair, tests have been toughest for years that have been voluntarily submitted at times, and obviously at the beginning of this new system, in 1998 where in the case of our Technical Director and until 2008 where register technique, nobody was quite capable of letting your hair at once and if he was done in two hair was dull, dry and had to be cut; once more. As we realized that the professional you should know, I did not know, that should see it didn't, was confirmed the theory that we took years to pose, we should be consistent, realistic and understand that this type of work is not suitable for anyone who must have a high index of vocational for making happy others, a constant ability to learn as well as altruism in personal aspects both time to try to overcome constantly. The chemical change, races are mixed times advance and although chemical laws remain the same, we must study and to test everything that can intervene in our long-awaited completion of a healthy and beautiful hair, a correct Japanese straightening.
Vanessa Fotos0012A thorough training in chemistry, cosmetics and practice have developed sufficient knowledge to explain, teach, transmit and implement with every person that has been put in our hands to help the well-made, handcrafted and concrete work of our technique.

There have been many years of study, travel around the world, exchange of information, video conferences, demonstrations, formations, in an infinite number of hair tests, tests with an infinite number of brands in the hair of models or our technicians to ensure perfectly understand ¨the science behind the arte¨.

We look forward to these lines have served at least so we know a bit more, to share with you our desire for constant improvement, and once more be a benchmark in terms of the final transformation of hair refers.

All, some and others we invite you to help to make Internet a place better.

Thank you


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