The development of the technique of Kensei

Throughout history it has always been a special devotion to our hair, shaping of all known and possible forms, and trying to always be according to the trend of the time.

Gradually new techniques were being to give the hair new ways achieving spectacular results.

With the passage of time and becoming the new genius of chemistry, these techniques have been evolving, what man was not able to perform, succeed the chemical compounds.

Many studies have been performed in many laboratories in the world, and in some, finding successfully applied to our hair formulations that may get even to change the internal structure of our hair, thus new forms and more durable.

The great invention of the century xx in the Guild of hairdressing was undoubtedly was the invention of the permanent. This revolutionized the hairdressing industry in a way unthinkable, turning it into a big business, and giving the possibility to many people enjoy a State of hair that was denied by own genetics.

But we were still advancing in time and forced to improve technology, knowledge and trends. And thus was born a new system that is still untapped, smooth hair.

Today, with modern times, stress, and daily life acceleration, shortly can be women, in the vast majority of cases, to tame his often unruly hair, which makes them incurring methods provided by the hairstyle, the handling of the hair and if possible, that they can forget it.

But, would it is possible to forget the hair and keep it combed?.The development of the technique of Kensei

The answer now is clear, Yes.

Some years back up to the current, a system that manages to leave the hair smooth State permanently, the Japanese hair straightening has been. But it gives results?

There is certainly a big problem regarding the Japanese straightening, professionals do not get the desired results. Logically it is not a simple system of work, and requires several hours continued service to complete a Japanese hair straightening, but even so, professionals continue without achieving the desired results.

What happens with Japanese hair straightening?

This question is did so many people within this sector, but its easier to answer was: does not work!, burning hair!, it is aggressive! And a long etcetera. response against this system, simply do not understand it.

However, for some people was giving an incredible result, achieving a spectacular smooth, forgetting your hair up to the year and environment, in the best cases, without curls or Frizz, and a soft and shiny State… so why for some people the result was so spectacular and for others not?.

Here incurred As it was possible that you could get straight hair, if they could be in some, why not all?. It was clear, "the science behind the art".

That's how little by little was investigating, testing, reformulating, studying… .

Until finally, after many years of work and testing in different types and States of hair, we came to the conclusion that it was a matter of follow some very specific work guidelines, but within the immense knowledge of hair. And so,, got that today still has not managed to nobody, terminations in any type of hair straightening Japanese best:


We work continually surfaced in all types of hair always getting the best results, and upon completion, not needed to pass the plate in any of the cases.

But make no mistake, there is some factor that other, very essential, that will make our work carried out to become a success. The name two, the most important.

The first is quite clear, the State and type of hair to work.

This is the main raw material with which we are going to work, and each hair is completely different to another, as no gene is equal to another.

And the very important part, the origin of the products. has tested over the years with numerous brands of permanent straightening of all parts of the world, but only a particular country in the world, has managed to make the most complete formulations and with which you can get the best results. Japan.
KenseiAnd yet, there are even Japanese brands that have not got that their products are effective in the Caucasian hair. currently works with Japanese brands to get good formulations for the foreign market. We have conducted training courses on Japanese companies to the manufacturers themselves, so they can understand how demanding is the European market.

For that, and much more, we have the confidence and the trust that has managed to find the best system for Japanese hair straightening, differentiating us from any company, that lack of knowledge, cannot achieve nor understand how to be successful in the technique. By that did not know work a product, he has learned to work the system, so any product in our hands is synonymous with success.

We have discovered the technique of KENSEI.

The development of the technique of Kensei
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