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Cookies Information (*) Purpose Output
Strictly necessary Login, registration, data from the shopping cart, data to distinguish the free services of the payment services Registration management
The information society service requested by the user and subject to the terms and conditions applicable
Advertising Frequency with which the ads are displayed Improve and manage exposure of ads to the user  


Number of visits, pages requested, time of navigation, sites visited before entering this page, details about used browsers Statistical reports on the traffic of the web site, its total audience and the audience in a particular advertising campaign N/A


Time, web browsing which leads to the site, conducted searches and visited websites Statistical reports on how users find the web site, how used it, and whether it works correctly N/A


Time navigation, web site visited, and information related to the own navigation Create reports on general patterns of visits to the web site N/A


Preferences of the user, information about the interaction with the web site (service requested, date and time), browser type and language, geographical localization Improve and manage exposure of ads to the user avoiding ads that have already seen from appearing N/A


Information about ads that have been shown to a user, on which interest you and visit the website of the advertiser N/A


The user preferences, pages visits and details of the equipment of the user, clickstream data N/A
Behavioral advertising


Information about preferences or interests in products or services collected during navigation Show ads according to the behavior or the preferences displayed by the user and improve advertising campaigns N/A


IP address, type of operating system, browser type, pages visited Customize the advertising and display ads that conform to the preferences of the users N/A

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