Distribute Japanese straightening

In all these years we have achieved the best products and the best brands, thanks to knowledge specific needs of every type of hair.

He have among our staff, people who need this system and its own status to always try to improve the own results of work have led us to test virtually all brands of the market in relation to the system, allowing for the development of our own technique, with this testing we have been able to help native Japanese brands to understand our problems and under the premise of having the best formulations to achieve the remanufacturing of specific products for a best ever completions.
We are currently present and carry the Branding for different brands that under our guidelines based on the know-how, have wanted to broaden horizons.
If you want to import Japanese products, the distribution of Japanese products, this is your chance to integrate into an enterprise consultant with sufficient data by countries, cities and towns to indicate the feasibility of your project.
saludo alisadoContact us.
Send us your company portfolio, and allow us to extend even more our results thanks to the precise and specific, necessary products for a full satisfaction both of importer, Distributor, as the professional hairdressers and their potential customers.
 When you want that we distribute their products will need us send documentation of their products, enclosing the INCI thereof. For alisado.com it is essential to understand the chemical performance of products which subsequently offers to its customers. If you have no intention of sharing this information please do us not get any request, since we currently only tested products with regulated cosmetic ingredients.
 We do not accept products with foreign sanitary registers which not to adapt to European cosmetics regulations.
If you have a product that creates can be interesting from the transparency and the desire for a Joint Venture in the long run, this is your business.
 We appreciate the time taken to read our information and whether want to be distributor of Japanese straightening, as an importer of Japanese hair straightening products, as if you want that we represent their products of straightening or hair care specific to please do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to assist you.


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