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If you are looking for a salon specializing in Japanese hair straightening system, contact us, provide us with all the data possible to give yourself a salon the most close to your home or office with experience in the system.

If you're a salon where you make the Japanese straightening and wish to be present on our website please contact us and soon we will contact.

Increasingly more customers as looking for specialized room in the system of the Japanese straightening and few salons who dare to do the job of straightening, due to lack of confidence, lack of products with a minimum of warranty or for lack of knowledge. However it is a very demanded service, and from, we give the opportunity to find them.

Because straightening is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

SEAL-Salon-insurance If you decide to go to a hair salon to be relaxed, except if it is a Japanese straightening, always look for the label "Free gas safe Hall".

Do not allow possible toxic gases originated in some systems of smoothing may impair your health.

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