Japanese, Thermal, Definitive Straightening, Permanent Straightening and Keratin Straightening. Specialists since 2004.

Japanese, Thermal, Definitive Straightening, Permanent Straightening and Keratin Straightening. Specialists in all Straightening systems, ask for your Keratin Straightening, Carbocisteine Straightening, Temporary Straightening, Japanese Straightening. For any chemical transformation of the hair, contact us.
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Visit and participate in our professional forum of hairdressing and straightening systems. Interact with others who like you need to know about the techniques of straightening, curls and undeletion of abused hair. Our years of experience have made us us underline we specialize, knowing all the ins and outs and the most advanced techniques.

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 japoJapanese straightening

The Japanese straightening is without a doubt the best system of straightening. Which provides the best results, is reliable, durable and effective. We have over thirteen years working it with a success rate of satisfaction in our clients of 100%. Know to work it and having the best products will make that their clients do not have to keep looking.

 japoCarbocysteine straightening

Smoothing Carbocysteine Biohairvolux. Perfect system of smooth for people who do not want a smooth final or only want a Pilar. Its composition, free of harmful compounds, is formulated to be able to work with any type of hair, one Virgin to afro hair, getting great results.

 japoKeratin straightening

The first smoothing of keratin which is not ironed with the product on the hair. Thanks to its different natural plant extracts will be able even to recover damaged hair, getting a great softness and shine. System based on the Japanese straightening.

 japoExtractor Machine

Chemical extraction machine enables any system of smoothed without risk to its inhalation by the gases produced by ironing. Approved by the European Community, complies with all the occupational risk, so that any system can work of straightening without running any risk of health.

CATALOGOS Dossier Técnico
New technical dossier for professionals. Information of interest about Japanese straightening and their application.

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Looking for a Japanese hair straightening?

3After testing and currently follow testing all the possibilities offered by the Japanese hair straightening technique, we have made a portal for you, whether you’re a professional or customer, where to find everything we’ve sued in more than eleven years dedicated exclusively to the study and implementation of the system. We offer you the possibility to train with us, consult your tudas, become part of our community, and buy everything you do you need, we’re here now only you are which you decide.

Looking for other systems of smoothing?

Our wide experience in all these years dedicated to these systems, has differentiated knowledge in straightening systems, whether of keratin, progressive, Brazilian, carbocysteine, permanent, etc. and a long endless systems to achieve a smooth, although not definitive, for our hair.

We can advise you on any system of straightening that exists today. Our experience is our guarantee.

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Welcome to our website specific on systems of straightening, find it all related to the Japanese straightening, Kensei technique technique, and other smoothing techniques. We are to help you, please contact us and allow us to delve into this so fascinating world of the hand of the professionalism and experience. Some things that you will find with us: whether you’re a professional user or end user, everything to do with smoothing systems, online about products of straightening, professional courses, courses for people who wish to be technical specifics of the system, and Forum on nearby systems of straightening, inquiry, request of salons, distributors, importers, exporters, brands… Read+

Finally we have the solution to the formaldehyde/aldehyde and all chemicals applied in our hair. Many professionals are still using products with this compound by the result that offers or because they believe that to be prohibited, manufacturers or certain importers or distributors comply with regulations. After all the withdrawals and become manifest being ignored regulations cosmetics in over 150 products for straightening keratin at this time. In the U.S. all products of this nature finally aware of the danger posed by recommend it, to safeguard the health professional and the customer.

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