Guide step by step of how make a keratin smoothing with Unic Keratin




1. wash hair with step 1 shampoo hair, shampoo Clinic dilator. Allow that shampoo walked 5 minutes in the fiber. Rinse and repeat the application. You can repeat this step several times if necessary. Prior to step two hair must have a rough texture. If two shampoos are not sufficient to achieve this effect, repeat the application if necessary.

Note: For very damaged hair, very thin, stuffed and/or bleached a single wash shampoo
It is enough. In this case you won’t need to wait the 5 minutes as if it would be necessary in other types of hair as in a Virgin, with color or healthy hair where the hair would not be wet already dry before applying even shampoo. Let us remember that not always a fine streaked or bleached hair will mean that is broken or damaged. A good diagnosis prior is indispensable for a correct decision making.

2. dry hair 100%.
(Don’t need to untangle the hair with a comb, if it were entangled with the implementation of step two you will unravel.) If the hair feels dry or very dry, difficult to manage, apply a small amount of Leave in Q8(acondicionador sin enjuague) If you prefer)

3. divide hair in areas and apply step 2 Unic keratin Restore Gel. Check that all areas of the hair have been applied including the lower part of the neck and the births of the outline of the hair.
Let the applied product, the time recommended depending on the condition of the hair. Each hair has an exposure time:
-Very thin, delicate, curled blonde, larded, decolorized, grey, porous or hair damaged allow 15 to 20 minutes.
-Wavy, curly (blond or stuffed but in good general condition) or fine afro hair allow 30-40 minutes
-Thick, Virgin, without chemicals in hair, curly, very curly or afro – 40 to 60 minutes.

4. rinse thoroughly and apply step 3 Protein Restore Mask. I gently masajeé the mask all in one treatment, by the hair, comb and rinse.

5. carefully remove the humidity, and dry your hair like a professional brushing, brushing 100%.

6 iron with a ceramic iron hair. The temperature depends on the hair type, as described below:
-Fine, bleached, larded, hair damaged by color, chemicals, hair gray, porous or ultimately damaged or sensitive to heat at high temperatures. -180 degrees Celsius.
-Wavy, curly, afro, Virgin, resistant, non-chemical, (blonde, bleached or highlighted hair but in terms of healthy hair)-up to 230 Celsius.
Iron the hair from 10 to 15 times.
(Iron about 20 times for hair not treated with chemicals, Virgin, thicknesses, African Americans resistant or resistant hair)

7 rinse and apply conditioner, then comb as you wish.

UNIC Keratin can also be used as a treatment antiencrespamiento, an apertor of curls or merely as a deep moisturizing treatment. Recommended for clients who want to remain with her curls and body but eliminating dryness and frizziness.
For long-lasting results, we have observed that professional Q8 line, Fresh Nutri shampoo and mask products no. 1, are the perfect complement to lengthening the duration of the service. Please ignore the recommendations on shampoo without salt, with the passage of time we have observed that it would offer no benefit to the hair.
The product is not formulated to be ironed on top of the hair, even so, if it should commit the error do the ironing with the product up, no nothing would happen, only the hair will be more recio.
This product may not be as relaxers keratin that iron in the hair, which recreate most of them new chemical, aldehydes/formaldehyde, so remember, these chemicals ironed hair, although they make sometimes in a magical result, are toxic and can be cumulative for the organism.

This does not occur with Unic keratin.

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