Biohairvolux is a revolutionary treatment that replaces smooth Brazilian systems.
It is a softening treatment that reduces volume, eliminates frizz and treats the hair
with a unique new and exclusive formulation in the hair cosmetics market.

Its formula revolutionary based carbocysteine is free of harmful agents such as
formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, methilene glycol, or any aldehyde or hydroxide.

The benefits of Bio Hairvolux:

-Meets the European cosmetic regulations.
-Innovative 100% formalin and Aldehyde-free formula.
-It can be done on pregnant women and children from more than 7 years.
-The hair is washed the same day of treatment.
-It eliminates Frizz.
-Soft, healthy and shiny hair.
-Suitable for very curly and afro hair.
-No parabens.
-Results that last between 2 and 4 months.

Biohairvolux offers a great alternative to keratin Relaxers, can get great results even in Afro hair, so working with this product will allow us to offer new possibilities to our customers in terms of systems of smoothing.


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