Guide step by step of how make a smoothing of carbocysteine with Biohairvolux




1. wash twice with Bio Hairvolux deep cleansing shampoo.
* For Virgin, coarse, highly resistant or afro hair leaving the second shampoo in the hair 10 minutes.

2. rinse well and do not apply conditioner.

3 dry your hair 60% to remove excess moisture.

4. shake the boat well and use about 50 ml. of Bio Hairvolux anti-Frizz treatment in a plastic bowl. Divide the hair into parts.

5 take sections of 1 cm and eliminating excess product from the brush, start the application by the back of the neck, from the roots to the ends, leaving a distance of 1 cm. the birth of the hair. Comb removing excess product.

6. on the application comb all the hair and distribute the product well by removing any
possible excess in application, especially in the lower part of the neck and the birth of the

* Before starting to use the dryer, check the hair still has moisture, if you notice dry areas, apply a small additional amount for these areas.

8. dry hair 100% using a flat brush or a comb.

* Go lighting the grill.
For fine, streaked hair, dyed the ironing temperature should be 180 °, for coarse, Virgin or resistant hair, iron 210 degrees.
Note that when the hair is more than 50% dry, hot air from the dryer can create
It misting, so we recommend the use of average temperature, to avoid such circumstances.

9. section the hair again, and starting at the nape, iron each section 10 times. Each
section must have a thickness of 1 cm.

* This is the most important part of the procedure, the use of a ceramic plate, with temperature control is essential

10 start ironing the hair, pressing lightly and without making stops in the locks. Make the first five passes very slowly, to make sure that the product is sealed
correctly to the cuticle of the hair.

* Thin or damaged ends need not be ironed more than four times.

11. When finished ironing, wait at least two minutes for the hair to regain its
normal temperature.

12 deep rinse hair and apply the mask sealing Bio Hairvolux, comb and let the product 5 minutes.

13 rinse the hair again.

The system has been completed. The hair can be styled according to the preferences of the customer.

With Bio Hairvolux is also possible that very curly or afro hair is smooth!! see our technical dossier.

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