Due to the constant problems that we are experiencing with the keratin Relaxers, and similar (not Japanese straightening, nothing has to do with these problems), more and more cases of people who have symptoms caused by the inhalation of gases that produce these systems are being. The main problem is not the realization of a service, if not the problem as such manifested within time and by continuous exposure to these gases. The cases that are occurring are generated mostly in professional, exposed continuously with the practice of these services.

Government agencies are not yet pronounced regarding this, but if it is true that within their own possibilities withdraw those products that exceed the allowed limits.

A recent study, which can be seen at the following linK: study on formaldehyde
shows that not only has to carry the compound above the permissible limits to be harmful, if not that also are introduced compounds to produce pressed once generated the vapors that should be avoided at all costs. It is the only way for these services of smoothed to get the result that is offered. This loophole is that is causing the problem in the professional, that although we may think that one or two services it cannot pass us nothing, with the passage of time can pass bill.
Gases that we inhale dissolve in blood, and until they do not harm our body, as cases being taken, may go even years, and is for this reason that companies are accelerating the process to offer solutions that work these systems do not cause health problems.

In the United States, a country where it is very widespread culture of Relaxers, the main body that regulates the systems, own manufacturers and distributors of the brands that are in that market, strongly recommended that these systems and even their own products work with extraction machine, being an approved product and that it has passed the relevant controls It has been shown to reduce exposure to gases to the point that makes be relaxed completely innocuous.
In the U.S. the extraction machine starts to be a key and very promoted by companies to work with products of smoothing. Culture in that country makes professional look machine as an essential tool to work the facing, as it can be a simple comb or a roller.

Another option is always the conditioning the local to have exhaust fans that make that gases and vapours are expelled from inside the room, but the truth is that the cost involved in a work of this nature and is also completely efficient is too large, you won’t see us has use with one or two fans, or with open doors and windows If any, of the premises; We will only move the air but we don’t purificaremos it.

The extraction machine we offer are unique to machine and manufactured on request.
With this machine you can work any type of smoothing, so if it is as if it does not have formaldehyde, already its function of suction light layer will absorb any type of generated gas with straightening and in any case neither professional nor customer inhale any gas, so the headaches, irritation or itching, among other symptomatologies , they will disappear forever thanks to its carbon filter that will absorb any particles that could be harmful by returning the air environment of a clean and purified form.


Gas extraction machine complies with all standards of occupational hazards, is approved by the European Community and passed by different controls of gas absorption, extraction machine becomes the perfect tool for any system of smoothing without running any risk.
In the United Kingdom have won the award national Queen Elizabeth by his constant concern for health.

Easy handling and easy way of transportation, since it carries built-in wheels, you will work with her in a way that is simple and convenient, acquire any position you need thanks to its articulated arms, doesn’t take up much space (approximately what can occupy a not very voluminous climazon) and features a design which, in addition, will give an elegant touch to your living room. His large transparent campaign, so you can see through it, has sufficient power for all gas generated in the service that this applied to be absorbed.
One of the doubts presented by professionals, the noise… The noise of the machine will not be any problem, since any dryer will be twice the sound that the machine itself, which only generates 60 decibels of noise.

It is essential to offer solutions for the customer go to a lounge with the peace of mind that your health and your hair is treated with the utmost care and respect.

With the extraction machine, the client only worry to see your hair in good condition and perfect; Professional only worry for the brilliant service that can offer.

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