UNIC keratin is a system of straightening time with fantastic results for hair that do not want a permanent straightening.

It was the first system of type straightening keratin which was introduced in the European market with the main characteristic that is laundering without the product in your hair. It takes in our market approximately from the year 2012, and now is when you are starting out products and brands similar to this, with this feature that made him unique in your system.


The amount of natural plant extracts offer the hair a series of benefits such as Frizz elimination, it brings softness, shine and a smooth State of almost unparalleled temporarily. Its fantastic design does justice to its result.

Thanks to its properties can make this product an art, since we can use it as:

-Reconstructor treatment, thanks to their amino acids can get to recover damaged hair
-Treatment to eliminate Frizz, an evil which suffer many hair
-System of straightening, leaving a very smooth hair.
In all these cases we find a common denominator, the softness that makes our hair, only to the height of the Japanese straightening.

Pioneer in these systems of keratin no-iron hair has given way to a great possibility of options and varieties, and these years passed in which still remains in the market, seeing as other products with these characteristics are falling one by one by drugs agencies.

Customers need to know that apply us in the hair, our hair is in good hands, and above all, hands going to work it depart from the experience and knowledge.

Available in two sizes, in bottles of 500 ml and 125 ml containers, give a great result requires some experience, we must remember that to be a safe product and do not wear the famous formalin or derivatives, take full advantage and product performance takes more work. Step by step the product is quite simple, only we have to follow it to the letter and we go see as with services we will be improving the results.

Campaigns that are made of the same systems, but with other names do not make more than confuse the customer and professional, which reach the point to not know that it is true and that it isn’t, since there is, and there is too much misinformation by the network.
If our product has been so long in the market and is still sold, believe only that responding to whether is or is not a good product.

Choose Unic keratin?
The easiest thing for us would be to continue highlighting time carrying on the market and the results that we get, but possibly there is something that makes us fully trust the product and consider one of the best options for the client and the Professional:
THE price, we are seeing how the market is filled with products with different names and that are only copies of Unic, much more expensive…
Why not pay less for the same, if not better?…

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