Step by step to make the Japanese straightening


Nutri Straigth Q8 professional

Japanese hair straightening is an exclusive system of professional use, we do not recommend under no circumstances be used by those people who are not professional and without experience in the system.

Different versions of the product for different types of hair as well as their different containers make each hair can use more than one product with ease.
Other brands that you can find on the market use two types of versions, Q8 offers you 4 different, this will mean that you will not have to play to find out how to mix different products. It is easy to apply.
Note the different patterns of hair and as they applied the product version you need. Q8 is the only brand that offers 100ml containers so you can make a hair with different forms, without having to acquire 400 ml of each different product, this translates into greater security since these products are already made for different areas of application and should only invest for the type of hair that is going to be easy and comfortable.

Summary application/orientation guide
1. Hair analysis
2. Preliminary test
3. Application of the product
3A. Timeout
4. Rinse
5. Ironing facilities
6. Neutralization
7. Rinse
8. Completion

Method of use:
Before starting please read the instructions/how to use at least twice. If you have any questions aclarelas prior to the Q8 System Professional. This single guide is a basic manual of application, in no case replaces a straightening Japanese course.

1. Analysis of the hair:
Make a diagnosis general conditions of the hair of the client.

2. Preliminary test:
Perform a test final in a tuft of hair, can take a lock of hair from the top of the head. Apply Q8 Nutri Straight from root to tip, or in middle or end zones. Remember that with professional Q8 has different types of products depending on the condition of the hair, take advantage of these possibilities.
Leave the product about 18 minutes approximately and rinse, also can apply it and expose it to heat a climaxon or heat Cap. If the lock of the test have some signs of damaged hair, the product should not be used, change of product strength and redo the test.

3. Application of the product:
Respecting the distance of one centimeter of root, apply with a brush reducer product chosen. Apply throughout hair if you have damaged ends wait for that zone. Apply heat if desired and wait for 10 minutes, for a first test out there and his experience may go spacing product surveillance.
3A. Waiting times: wrap your hair in plastic film, do not pull on the scalp.
The times will depend on applying heat or not. If you apply heat disminuiran times.
-Resistant hair: 20 to 45 minutes.
-Natural hair: 15 to 20 minutes.
-Slightly damaged hair: 10 to 15 minutes.
-Damaged hair: 5 to 10 minutes.
These times are always approximate will always depend on the initial and gradual State of the hair.

When the hair is finished, rinse the entire product, for best results can be rinsed with the mask Nutri shine Ocean Collagen, remove all of the product.

Dry hair 100% and divide into four parts.
We start from behind by Wicks.
Another pass through the locks of hair more than once, to obtain a perfect smoothing to the ends.
For this product and brand: iron temperature 140 ° – 160 ° if this extremely damaged hair using lower temperature. Refer to the manual for zones with other forces.

6. Neutralization:
Choose the neutralizer according to the type of product that this applied, with a brush apply strand to strand. Wait 10 minutes. In the case of buffering CA, comb all the hair, buffering has the particularity of dry quickly, leave the recommended time and rinse passed it.
Remember that professional Q8 has different types of products as well as neutralizing if you already technical system and need another kind of neutralizing, Q8 Professional offers you also neutralizing liquid.

7. Rinse:
Remove the neutralizer with water and apply Q8 PPT2 treatment cream and rinse again until the water is completely clear.

Apply Q8 quantum Aqua Spray and dry.
To complete your professional straightening.
Utilize Q8 Silk Serum as special finalizer.

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