What is keratin straightening?

What is keratin straightening?

This question creates much confusion both for end-customers.
For many parts on the Internet find countless Web pages that discussed a few things, forums with post telling others, companies and commercial explaining other completely different…
Brazilian straightening, straightening progressive, broom progressive… In countries of Latin America for many years who work these systems under different names or names, but that turns out to be the same.
But what is the reality of the famous keratin hair straightening?
Well, very simple, the reality is that it can be shown, and here Alisado.com performed an exercise of reflection on the matter. Us is only based on fully proven and provable information, this can be done those pages that release information without any kind of consistency?
Many climb on the bandwagon of keratin by easy marketing and its false promises. Experience we have, has tried to sell straightening keratin as Japanese straightening, promised the same results, the same duration, the same advice… And even wants to collect as…
Make no mistake, keratin straightening may not give the same results, or it works the same, or they can be the same advice.
Keratin straightening as this is called, usually contains a very small percentage of keratin, but is that also the keratin smooth hair ever.
keratin-girlKeratin is a protein of the hair, and it is true that the disulfide bridges contain this amino acid, but for anything it is responsible for getting a smooth in any type of hair.
Any keratin smoothing always another compound will have as main asset, in the majority of cases was formaldehyde, and by prohibiting this, aldehydes were introduced.
These compounds only and exclusively serve to preserve the product, with maximum controlled and permitted by drugs agencies.
At the time that any preservative acts as the active compound, regardless of their percentage composition, this completely forbidden.
And we do not say it the law says it. And this is what creates a legal loophole, which prey on practically the majority of so-called keratin products. And see the amount of products that are removed in the different markets for not complying with current regulations.
It is true that it leaves hair smooth, soft and shiny, even spectacular, it is obvious, from the experience in seeing many straightening keratin. But we have to take into account several factors.
-Once the effect will be, our hair will be exactly equal to before the application, so we can consider it a patch in the hair.
-Its duration is determined by the amount in percentage of formaldehyde derivatives, much higher percentage, longer duration.
-Not suitable with salt water or sea, it loses effectiveness
-Not suitable with the chlorine of the swimming pools, it loses effectiveness
-Not suitable use shampoos that contain chloride sodium or metal salts, it loses effectiveness.
And this is a reality, and completely provable.
And still want to compare it with the Japanese hair straightening?, amazing.
Your application is very simple, in just two hours we can have this done, easy and fast service, we do not understand how much do you charge for this service.
But of course, I do not think that everything is bad. Keratin smoothing gives a good immediate result that independently of the composition (as if it is harmful, that if not) there is much demand by the end customer.
Really you know what is offered? Or is giving the same while we wear the beautiful hair even for a time?.
What surprised us is that people who pay a fortune to have a smoothing keratin, when for the same price, a Japanese, that will leave your hair smooth, soft, shiny, and seamless, and of course, of longer duration may be there are.
To keratin smoothing we consider it a treatment, non reconstructor, because it cannot be so if our hair is equal when the effect is lost of damaged before applying it. A simple treatment, a perfect patch.
And so, this course, we recommend it. Anyone is if suitable practically at the time to perform this treatment. It is even said that when more damaged hair, the better.
logounicTherefore, the only thing on which we can advise to those people who want to undergo a treatment of this kind, and that will look spectacular hair, is to always look to the treatment that you are putting does not contain formaldehyde nor derivatives, thus does not suffer our hair or our health.
Us after a long experience always recommend products from Unic Keratin, a brand that in addition to not carry formaldehyde between its components offers some really good results.
And remember that we neither win nor lose speaking well or poorly, we are a company specializing in all types of Relaxers, but the information is the most precious good, and our professional ethics does not allow us to deceive the customer.
Any information written to our website is fully proven.


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