What is Carbocysteine smoothing?

Biohairvolux is a system of smoothing that it offers a smooth durable but not definitive. Alisado.com uses it to clients who do not want a Japanese straightening, for both those seeking only a Pilar.

Its chemical composition free of compounds that can be harmful to our health gives us the peace of mind to work it with total normality. Passed all the relevant controls by the Spanish medicines agency, it can guarantee the proper use of the product. Even so, Alisado.com to have protected the most to our customers, work product with gas extraction machine, thus any possibility that could have, gas extraction machine would be responsible to absorb any gas that might have, even without being toxic. Our customers for us is always the first thing.

We can use it on any type of hair, even on very curly hair or even afros, following guidelines extra step by step we can get smooth spectacular even in this type of hair.


Forget the Frizz with Bio Hairvolux.

The revolution of the new smoothing treatment.

100% free of formaldehyde and aldehyde.

Bio Hairvolux brings you the best possible combination of cosmetic ingredients,

Leaving the hair more smooth, more soft and with 0 Frizz.

The results are immediately visible after the use of Bio Hairvolux.

The hair is washed the same day, and the results last for 2 to 4 months.

The more you repeat the treatment more healthy and strong you have hair.

How does Bio Hairvolux?

 The treatment begins with the preparation of the hair. This is washed twice with a deep cleansing shampoo, helping to open the cuticle and preparing the hair for the acceptance of the system.

Later treatment is applied, allowing the molecules, to penetrate into the hair in all the same fiber.

The hair is dried with dryer and ironing carefully.

Finally the hair is rinsed and a sealing mask will be applied.

The hair is ready to give you the shape you want.

With Bio Hairvolux hair is cleaned immediately! Nothing to wait days to see your result!


How long does it take to perform the treatment?

 The time taken in the application of the treatment will depend on the length and amount of the client’s hair. The average time is 2 to 3 hours. 

Can pregnant women and children use this treatment? 

If. Bio Hairvolux is 100% safe for use during pregnancy and for children over 7 years old.

Is there any specific treatment that is recommended to keep the results of Bio Hairvolux?

 If. It must be a shampoo without sodium chloride and sulfates, since it will maintain and improve the desired results.

Bio Hairvolux is a revolutionary treatment that replaces smooth Brazilian systems.

It is a softening treatment that reduces the volume, eliminates Frizz, and treats the hair with a unique new and exclusive formulation in the hair cosmetics market.

Its revolutionary based carbocysteine is free of harmful agents such as formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, methilene glycol, or any aldehyde or hydroxide formula.

The benefits of Bio Hairvolux.

 -Meets the European cosmetic regulations.
-Innovative 100% formalin and Aldehyde-free formula.

-It can be done on pregnant women and children from more than 7 years.
-The hair is washed the same day of treatment.

-It eliminates Frizz.

-Soft, healthy and shiny hair.

-Suitable for very curly and afro hair.

-No parabens.

-Results that last between 2 and 4 months.

You can see the product here: Biohairvolux

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