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After perm: how to maintain the beauty of your hair?

Once finished the process, and see the straight hair, you can think that the procedure to finally put it in some way, system has been completed, but it is not yet over, straightening is completed, but the procedure has not yet ended. Chemical neutralization has only begun to associate the disulfide of sulphur, the hair must still absorb more oxygen and will do so, of course, through the air. A too humid day, a storm, or even a steam shower can dramatically affect the completion of its work, it can ruin all those hours of dedication.
In the beginning when you are not yet familiar with the technique, may not have done all the steps correctly, remember that with that one of them has not been perfect, the possible inconveniences may appear later, this is when the client to wash their hair at home or return to the living room to check the result. It is true that in the second step, ¨oxidacion with plancha¨ can be correct remains deep in the hair and somehow forced to return to the desired shape of a perfect smooth with the expertise and experience that you will acquire over time, but as this is not so, the hours of the completion of the work are of great importance.
The failure to observe these guidelines (away from humidity, not to wet the hair, avoid sweat, put horiquillas, locks, queues, glasses, sunglasses, or view, headbands, anything that can dial forma¨ or wetting the hair within 72 hours of the system) can give rise to strange behavior of hair, as formation of new hondas or even the reappearance of the initial problem whether curls or Frizz which went the client to our showroom.
The hair has been processed so that the structures that make up the fibers, to separate and unite due to what explained in other chapters of the course, therefore each section of the process must be respected with the utmost rigor, but we want to see our work ruined during the 48 to 72 hours after straightening. Therefore, it is important that hair does not get or handle in positions other than the finish.
alisado.comInforme to the client about the possibility of getting your hair wet by accident within the first 48 to 72 hours. You must indicate the following:
Blow-dry it, as your technician; must have done it This is with the dryer facing down, towards the ends of the hair. You must use the dryer with light movements like using a range and with your hand, pass the fingers from birth until the end of the hair, once finished drying, indicates that it should separate the hair into sections and if the hair still has some moisture (by this we mean less than 85%), must pass the iron at low temperature. (120 c to 130 c). If you notice a crease that caused to sleep within the first 48 to 72 hours, slide gently grilled to eliminate wrinkles. Warn you not to remain with the iron in a single section can be the cure than the disease worse, always keep the iron in continuous movement. We add that it would be correct to always offer the possibility to consult with you.
After leaving the salon, it is imperative to not brushing hair aggressively, we refer to with force, perform flips, hair is softened in this State and to pass the hours will not mechanical oxidation which will produce a new coupling and hardening of the hair. Instruct your client not to put the hair behind the ears of 48 to 72 hours. The stylist should be advised not to use any kind of shampoo or wetting your hair for the next 48-72 hours after straightening. If there is any range of the brand to use recommended use of a better guarantee to offer this possibility. Try to inform not to perform work outdoors or sweat during these 48-72 hours after the service of smoothing. This is so that the hair is neutralized completely with the current form, this action does not occur by that product continue acting, logically once rinsed the product, any chemical activation was completed, but if it is true that an oxidation that occurs before we spoke to him. Prohibit the use of locks, queues, anything that can leave mark at that time. We also refer to Sun or eye glasses.
Immediately after perm the hair is chemically altered. That means that clips, hairpins, tweezers or metal clips with teeth, gums, brooches, pony tails, are not good alternatives in at least 7 days
* Do not use a style that "create tension" in hair through hair for 7 days
* Do not use nothing causing "pressure" in the hair, such as headbands, hats or scarves during 7 days.
Hair must not be forced in any way during 7 days after perm. So your hair can reassert itself and recover.
The first two weeks after Perm, your hair may seem extremely straight. After two weeks in some cases will be that the feeling is of more naturally. This is perfectly normal. However, little by little you will see something of more than body hair. If you are using queues, recommend the composed of rubber covered with a soft cloth. Try to avoid clips or peinas, too often and without have nothing do with styling your hair tends to break the hair. Do not swim in pools with chlorine or sea water and / or exposing hair to too much sun for at least 2 weeks after a hair straightening, hair can react so cannot be predicted and can return to their previous state. It is also important to follow "before and after swimming and sun exposure" guidelines to minimize the damage to your hair and / or reversal. Shall inform the client about the serious damage that involve external agents, we must indicate in these cases the uses of guards or mixtures of masks and keratins in hair previously dampened to reduce aggressions, in sunny areas, would not be more add the use of caps.
Not showering with hot water. Indicate the use warm water, neither too hot nor too cold. The non-use of anti-dandruff shampoos, the basis of sulphur from these shampoos are harmful effects on recent relaxed and can cause up to a reversal. These data we provide are the result of over 6 years of work with reference to the system, in the majority of cases clients do their normal life since the day themselves washing their hair in their homes, even so for prudence and caution is not of more to provide all possible information to a greater guarantee of success.

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