The Japanese hair straightening retouches

How long will my Japanese hair straightening last?

A retouch is required when growth begins to interfere with your daily style procedures. Hair that has smoothed properly is permanent, obviously chemistry does not alter genetics, so retouching will be necessary every 6/7 months depending on the birth of the root of the client.
Other factors are decisive for editing a part of the type of birth or pattern you have, fast hair growth as well as the kind of hairstyle that has or of the same length. A long hair without layers, will obviously have more weight than a mane for the battered Chin, in the same way a fringe short having a basis of growth very wavy or curly, it will make the volume higher than if on the contrary the fringe were long one-piece. Clients with excessively curly hair patterns will notice before the difference in texture on the birth of your new hair, much has to see the expertise when it comes to endure more or less to the time of editing, since during those months of growth phase can be smooth or shape of conventional your new hair.
Clients with problems of Frizz, fairly smooth roots, smooth roots and long hair, may pass without retouching occasionally up to 1 year and means, in these cases, are not considered to be alterations and if smoothed complete, though some small remains of the first is.
hair-brokenRetouching is carried out in the new area of growth only in cases that the hair has reversed in areas or for different reasons have varied from the original form of completion, and always making sure that hair is in condition suitable for thus may be in large part or all of the hair straightening first extension. Previously smoothed areas must be protected either with previous treatments or products intended for this purpose.
Editing if it is not performed with great care and expertise can create a jump between new hair and straightening earlier, in some cases an overexposure in the previously treated hair can break into sections or even in the area of union, should always be caution with products that are used depending on the type of hair and the State of the same.
touch-ups-smoothingWe recommend the touches some two or three times a year depending on the characteristics of hair. If you are thinking about the cost of this service should be aware of the following information, does not create that use much less time while straightening throughout the hair for being a touch-up, sometimes there is hair that involve even more time than the first time. The client usually forget the precautions that stated you your technician and possibly to retouching, return to our hands with new Wicks, colors, or hair in an unwanted State. Much better to keep their hair, best alternatives and results be able to obtain this service.
The price of the system must be allowed into the Hall an amount of money, which is profitable, given the time and experienced risk, is curious as some people value this service, without thinking about what a Hairdresser tends to win in one hour with a single person working, normally the Barber or hairdresser attends to a client, while attentive to the color of another , or finishing a hairstyle. In the case of the Japanese straightening this technician permanently dedicated to the client, in a conventional hairdresser 8 hours of a Barber are tarificadas with one profit greater than that obtained by performing a hair straightening Japanese ORIGINAL. For the client the time saving and comfort is something that no one can value, only the person who is constantly dissatisfied with their appearance and has constant complaints in terms of the time spent for ¨adecentarse¨ can for the client by saving time and comfort, and the establishment by the time and experienced risk gain. Nowadays, due to the specialization of the system find the majority of salons charging or the same as in the first smoothing, if the client passes the 7 months for retouching or even more if it comes with other applications and problems that I had at your first time, obviously this decision is not always his.
We remind you that some brands require a minimum price for the realization of the service to the client and in case of failure to comptouch-ups-smoothing-Japanesely with this permisa may not return to serve products. Finally in this section, in the hair that was already smoothing minimize temperature and exposure of the heat platen.
Some clients have the curiosity to try and continue to seek continuously services more economic, unknown products, new techniques, etc…
Currently, there are many different products and pricing in this respect, each person must be free on par with conscious of what can lead to this. From our experience in these 9 years we can say that 8% of clients who have decided to vary from product or technical, and 6% of this same percentage, has once again made straightening with us and with the same technical, that 8%, 1% has not returned for wanting to return to their initial state of the hair, and another 1% for economic issues It has not returned to do it but it would after trying other brands has done with the initial.
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