Treatment with hyaluronic acid?

What is hyaluronic acid?

question-girlEven though some trading companies, wholesalers and even manufacturers insist on the invention of new names for the facing of keratin, to investigate a bit in these new systems just finding that they are always exactly the same, regardless of the name that put them or you can think of them.

There are very few chemicals with the ability to straighten hair, they can count with one hand that are legal for the hair, but nevertheless we still see continuously attempts to create new trends or create so-called revolutionary products. I guess that they will seek how to survive for a while with a product, the best performance and then disappear for a while after returning to invent something "new".

A perfect example would be which gave the starting gun and already extinct Keratin Complex, is sold as fantastic, safe, innovative... and in the end it was retired by carry high levels of formaldehyde. And like this we couldn't be a day giving names and signatures of withdrawn products.

This acid has no ownership of any hair, we talk about hair and not the skin, reminds us of Vanessa Moreno, our Technical Director. So it is clear that it must be other compounds that will make that function, compounds that they won't name, but clear hyaluronic acid sounds good, to health, to sound, to everyday…
We can not say anything other than the reality, we assume that they will defend with nails and teeth opposite, but there is one thing that is very simple and that can not fight as much as they kicking, permitted and shown to smoothing compounds are not those who carry such products. They need compounds once more having some questionable chemical recreation which will help that hair is smooth for a period of time, but the questions are clear, are legal compounds?, are within the allowed limits?, is all the compounds that they say bring reflected in the labelling?.

It is a shame that a service as it is straightening and that many people, such as clients, we feel good, companies with a simple intention of profit, loaded it is regardless of our hair or our health. Someday it should prevail the conscience and common sense, every company is to make money, that is clear, but never will be jeopardized if it is from a humble, ethical and transparent basis.

Speaking with our principal we did the following query:

-"If we had Restylane, one of the (HA) hyaluronic acids better known in Europe, could inject into the hair fiber?".

-"It is foolish!". He says Vanessa.

We also know that when it is not known what a great result, any result can be good. always recommends the Japanese straightening, leaves hair smooth on a permanent basis and well applied, leave us the hair healthy, soft and shiny. We can use anything else for specific cases or that it is better for us and our pocket can do more, but nothing can match it.

Any system can be good if you get what you want.

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