What is the Japanese hair straightening?

Information about Japanese hair straightening:

More than 20 years ago that there is Japanese straightening in their country of origin, Japan.

But not until last at least 5 years, this system leaves on the outside of the country of the rising sun, USA being the main defender of the system, and thus gradually opening market all over the world.

Spain reached around the year 2000, entering the Canary Islands, pioneering the place of work of Japanese hair straightening. Gradually spreads over the peninsula reaching all corners of the country.
Japanese hair straightening becomes a reference on smooth hair, not even currently having another system that can match the result, end, and duration.

But, what about the Japanese hair straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is a concrete system of work and products, getting to change the internal structure of the hair permanently, i.e. of permanently. Hair smoothing with this system will remain smooth for ever.
However there is much controversy regarding the system, but there are only two factors that make this system not this considered for what it is: the magic hair; The two factors that do not have the recognition that it deserves are, ignorance and the business.
Ignorance because there are many people who neither know it nor find the correct information. And business, being a system of such long-lasting result, is beneficial for the Hall not to see a client until several months later?, for many professionals, it is not beneficial, so it is better not give good references to the system, also logically not know work, which makes that fact not of result. And above all relaxers called keratin and the like, very easy to apply, making believe that they are the same as the Japanese straightening.
Get good completions with Japanese hair straightening depends on much of the technical or professional that work, a good knowledge and exhaustive of the hair, as well as know perfectly well how it works the product into the hair is what will make our hair look a perfect straightening Japanese.

But let us not forget the products, today only original products of Japan who have achieved the best formulation to achieve the best result in this system. There are many products of smoothing, especially conventional marks and large global firms, with good results, but the results are not to match, and this is a demonstrable reality.

We specifically worked with professional Q8 brand, are products that have different strengths and offer us a very wide range of possibilities, so in this way we can work any type of hair that is present to us. After test many brands of these products, professional Q8 stands out above all.


There are also other systems of straightening, but nothing to do with the result neither short nor long term.
Japanese hair straightening requires a very precise job training, in addition to the main steps of application, it is necessary to know many factors that could cause our results vary, getting this training and this experience will stand us as specialists in Japanese hair straightening.

It is said that it can not work on hair already previously treated with chemicals (Wicks, dyes, bleaching…), which is aggressive for the hair, that does not give good results… But this, is this true?, the answer is simple: don’t.

Any hair is suitable for Japanese hair straightening, but logically State and of the same type are the main factors that we will have to assess when working it. Not any professional has the preparation to work any hair, so the recommendation is that if it is does not have the capacity or sufficient training it is best not to risk it. A bad application that can lead to bad consequences.

Alisado.com has very high level technicians, and they work steadily hair already previously treated with chemicals, it is also shown that if you can work, and that if it gives good results.

Is it aggressive hair?

Because it will depend to a greater extent of who apply the product. Any service in which a chemical is applied is just as ‘aggressive’, but if who applies it, whether a dye for example, it has sufficient knowledge, it will never be aggressive to the hair. In fact, in the majority of cases, the smoothing well-worked Japanese even anger to improve the appearance of our hair.
Two of its main compounds tend to be the keratin and collagen, but you don’t need marketing of these compounds, the system if only and results already say it all.

It is also common to say that it does not give good results, but once more our works indicate otherwise. A well done Japanese hair straightening can last until the year and, as it happens in some of our clients, and the minimum time to repeat its straightening in the worst cases is from six months, which, if it gives good results.

Duration of the time always depends on the type of hair. The hair continues to grow in its original state, because genetics still have failed to alter it, so all these months mentioned must be made retouching even Virgin hair with straightening hair. Here is where they fail most of professionals who do not have formed in the technique. It is easier to make a Japanese straightening to whole hair that make a tweak.

What are the advantages of Japanese hair straightening?

The main advantages are a smooth hair without frizz during several months in a row. It allows us to go to the beach, the pool, go to the gym, sweating, that gets us wet when it rains, that not concerned about us moisture… and our hair will be smooth, something that other systems have failed.

But, why is it so expensive to make this system?, mainly there are two answers to this question, one is the price of the products, if you are working with products of origin Japanese, the price of these is considerable due to the origin. And second time of application (among other factors), a good job can last several hours.
Sometimes we have seen or spoken of places that work at very low prices, but how is it possible? If products alone are already worth what they charge, also pay the person who does the work, and already not to mention taxes and the imputation of recurrent costs, how do they do? We still have no answer to this question, although mind some passed us…

The compound basis of Japanese hair straightening is ammonium Thioglycolate, which has nothing to do with ammonium acid as many people want to see.
Because keratin called Relaxers, there is also straightening Japanese who said that formaldehyde or some derivative, but this information is completely false, never straightening Japanese has led or formaldehyde, so those seeking at all costs to sink this system all they do is to deceive the client and professional in order to sell , in the majority of cases, products that offer. In fact, this compound is completely prohibited in Japan, so those who say or do not know what the Japanese straightening or have other interests.

We cannot compare with the keratin straightening Japanese because they are two completely different systems.
Keratin smoothing is easily applicable by anyone without the need for any type of training for its simplicity. Something that is not possible with the Japanese straightening.
Keratin straightening or similar to the effect of the hair goes with the passage of time throughout the hair, Japanese hair straightening is definitive.

And we could list more differences, but we do not believe that it has to be necessary, Japanese hair straightening is not competent, although if competitors.

But to better see the differences between Relaxers, better enter the following link of our technical director Vanessa Moreno: differences between relaxers.

And if what you want is to see the basic steps of the Japanese straightening, those recommended by the manufacturer click here: basic steps


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