Japanese hair straightening process

The Japanese straightening procedure

 The process consists of three steps:
 In the first step we use a reducer "thioglycolate"-based, this is responsible for separating such bridges. In the second step with an oxidation produced by heat, we reorganize those such bridges, with the use of an Ionic Ceramic iron. In the third step we use other oxidation in this case a buffering agent to set the new position of the jumpers.
The biggest difference in the old procedure where this new technique is based on the sum of all the ingredients that make the composition more secure and best result and in the use of the Ionic Ceramic tile.
This technique is still used in Spain for the last seven years and offers the possibility of achieving a smooth, soft hair which defies any external moisture index. The characteristics of Japanese hair straightening are based on "conventional principles" using ammonium thioglycolate as reagent chemical and thermal heat part. The disulfide bonds are replanted due to the heat of the iron, when hair is pressed more than 130 ° produces an oxidation of the same, this step is very important, and is not ironed hair as when we go to iron it normally, mm sections are ironed at different temperatures, depending on the type of hair. This step may take a more hours depending on the amount of hair of the client and its length. Oxidation can be done with a buffering agent based on sodium bromate or peroxide, at the end only have to dry hair to the air with a blow-dryer and your fingers, it is not necessary to use the iron. The result? A hair soft, shiny and smooth!!
Final Japanese straightening is a procedure by which you can get a curled hair, wavy, curly, undefined to a shiny, silky and Frizz-free hair. Nothing or very little work is needed at home to keep the result these can vary depending on your hair, the majority of customers after its smoothing don't need the dryer or iron (97%). The remaining 3% may need to dry it with a brush palette type of paddle or any brush 5-8 minutes. Our customers have gone from being a minimum 45 minutes to nothing or 3% to use a maximum of 8 minutes. Now forget the dryer, in wet or dry, you will have a beautiful, shiny hair. If you try this intractable process believe that it is some kind of magic.
Be very careful when choosing a salon, the procedure is very complicated and can give incredible results when done correctly or damaged hair is beyond ignorance. As long as your technician is an expert in AJ you won't have any problem.
Alkaline AJ. The best option for resistant hair, Asian hair, hair with low elasticity, difficult to permanentar as for fine, normal hair in short hair healthy.
AJ acids. Heat is usually used either a dryer, climazon, or machine steam, since it will take more time to penetrate and soften the hair. These are milder than the alkaline, since working at a Ph lower reducing swelling of the hair during straightening process. With this type of AJ the probability of damage brittle hair, with color or treaties previously boils with chemicals. These AJ more "soft" can provide solutions to hair needing levels low pH levels of the. However, they contain a higher percentage of acid thioglicolico.
Regardless of the type of hair, AJ must reconsider whether, depending on the extent of the damage the hair is irreparably damaged, in such cases is not worth for the client nor for the professional. It is to give a minimum of benefits prior to the procedure.
Time that it takes to the application: the Japanese straightening with takes a very intense labour, talking about long. The process can last a minimum of 4 hours up to eight or even more depending on the hair, the general average is 5/6 hours with very short-time in pauses, requires lot of patience on your part. The service offers an a straight smooth result, so if you want to give him any differently they may need only a coup of quick-drying to give you the shape you want. Don't forget that it is very difficult to curl and / curl a hair that is to chemically straightening, can be a curly perm after the Japanese hair straightening, we believe that you due to the expenditure of time and money should think before if carried out the Japanese straightening.
When and why to use the Japanese straightening? Think of a moment in the possibility of having a Frizz-free hair…
When hair naturally curly, frizzy, wavy, without form, seems to have its own life because it does not obey to use the Japanese straightening, a chemical process that will transform any hair curly, wavy, curled in a smooth, shiny and silky hair free of Frizz, if not left free perfect in any area will only have to spend an average of 5 minutes at home and that if you come in the middle of the 3% that has had to do so after the system, consider the remaining 97% free to do nothing in your hair at home. It softens coarse hair, Taming the indomitable, for many women, providing a new lifestyle with more free time and less pressure. It is permanent and will need to play every six or eight months depending on the natural curvature of the birth and the rapidly growing you hair.
Geisha-smoothingMany women spend so much as an hour each morning to blow dryer to have smooth hair. The Japanese hair straightening can transform even the most rebellious, curly, coarse hair in a perfectly smooth, silky, soft, Frizz-free hair. With this new service, you can literally change daily or weekly slavery employ at least 45 minutes of your time to reduce it to 0. For the first time a product has been developed to transform permanently the molecular structure of the hair giving it one look more luxurious youth. The final Japanese straightening flattens the hair cuticle to produce a smooth cuticle with a ultra bright, silky shine and you can feel their movement. Eliminate Frizz has been a key foundation of the Japanese in this system
The straightening system will provide immediate savings to all those who are forced to spend their time and money each week in their hair artificially. With this system, you can have perfectly smooth hair you always dreamed. It is very important to select the best brand with noted reputation in the market as well as the person who will perform your straightening with proven customer satisfaction, this is a must for the success of his dream.
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