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Although the final smoothing process provides great results, not all the hairs are a good candidate for treatment.

importantAll potential customers must schedule a consultation pre-alisado for determining possible outcomes. This should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. If in your city does not have a Center specializing in face milling, you can do so via regular mail or e-mail, filling out the questionnaire which you will find on our website. This will prevent unnecessary travel, saving time and money, as this practice a good preliminary choice to determine in advance if you are a good candidate for the Japanese straightening.

Would be correct sending photographs of hair always with natural hair, that is to say without any given mechanically (no form of brush or iron) form, don't worry if it comes out more or less favoured is to orient it with clarity not to see the beautiful coming out on the picture.

How many times have seen you a friend with hair natural and I couldn't believe the poor state in which he saw the hair?, this can also happen with yours, generally women who combed weekly in classrooms or at home, never get to see the final status of your own hair, some have even forgotten as it was in reality. The conditioning of the hair by mechanical means as dryer or iron produced a polishing of the cuticle which makes see that hair has shine and softness, in 87% of cases nothing else far from the reality, already so dryer as the iron are natural hair moisture, when we speak of moisture we reiterate in the term We do not mean to damage from heat or excessive heat, we refer to the humidity. Don't have unrealistic expectations that all the world will have to perfect, silky, smooth hair with sensation of freedom ¨de ad 100% ¨

We have to be honest; First you with the characteristics and history of your hair and then the professionals in this sector, to ensure that your straightening will take place under the best conditions and techniques with the products that better results offer today.

Customer, puts the raw material i.e.; It is not the same painting in oils in a concrete wall, performing this specific painting in an oil or paint with wax on a wall with gotelé stucco wall. You have to have realistic expectations, and nothing better for that than your conscience about the State of his hair and his specialized center most close.

importante-alisadoThe possibilities offered by the system are endless, the photographs which you can see in the gallery are authentic, the completion of the work is made with half of dryer and comb air fingers of the technician. As you can see there are different cases and completions, we have clients with Wicks, bleached, reflections, relaxers earlier failed, extremely curly, fine and dry natural hair, an infinity of different patterns, but one thing unites them all / as were aware of the possibilities of your hair regardless of your relaxers were a success more than plausible. Many customers have had to wait because his hair was not the optimum and many have risked even knowing that he could not leave as well as dreamed, but all were consistent when it comes to the system, knowing the pros and cons.
 Still having fantastic and fantastic products stress preconditioning the best guarantee is the technical knowledge by their technical and of honesty and responsibility to know which State is your hair, flee guarantees of mouth and avoid unpleasant surprises.
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Japanese straightening works best on natural hair since they must have its structure intact, this is not always true as we have explained a natural hair subjected to high temperatures of iron or dryer, it's been to become brittle, opaque and dull, so sometimes it is best candidate a hair color or highlights, and for this reason we always derive decision the technician that will make your straightening. Every person who has experience in the treatment with different results. Some hair over time and after styling your hair become dry or brittle, this does not mean it is for Japanese hair straightening, what happens in the majority of cases where to start the system, the hair already had these features, may remain smooth but with its primary texture, it can happen given that having no links with protein , (natural glue), straightening still remaining but his touch and optical returns to the original. The majority of clients do not notice this detail here, but you should know this possibility, since it is true that it also occurs. In this case you must pass only slightly dryer to Polish a little hair and get the shine and softness which had during the approximately five months after its smoothing.
In general the Japanese straightening serves for anyone wanting to have smooth hair and obviously it will be cost-effective who usually have to spend hours to blow dryers, styling and conditioning hair every day just to look decent. The client are normally well handle the hair in a period between six and eight months, it is normal to go through the system twice a year, we have clients who spend every three because it is his desire and others who do not return for our centers in a year and half or two, for this criteria will have to think about the characteristics of each hair , if it is short, medium or long, curly, frizzy, wavy, frizzy, etc…
Generally the clients get great results and although there are detractors because of its price, our customers get great benefits.
importante-alisado - JapaneseFor many it means forget hours at the hairdresser every week, dryer and the iron every two days, to be able to go anywhere without thinking in as your hair, again to go to the gym and sweat, not flee more rain, feel free to be spontaneous without being enslaved to hours or days of concrete washings, or times wash, dry air or with a little dryer and ready, here are the main benefits, if for you, these are not issues that can be identified / or you do not, you will not get great benefits. If on the contrary always dreamed of this, welcome to found the perfect place!!
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