Chemical fumes extraction machine

Chemical extraction machine to prevent breathing of toxic gases

With this machine you can work any type of smoothing, if you wear as if it does not have formaldehyde, since its function of aspiration will absorb any gas generated with straightening and in any case the professional the customer inhale any gas, so the headaches, irritation or itching, among other symptomatologies , they will disappear forever thanks to its carbon filter that will absorb any particles that could be harmful by returning the air environment of a clean and purified form.

Gas extraction machine complies with all regulations of occupational risks, as well, in case of inspection, if you use the machine, in any case it may be sanctioned. It is approved by the European Community and passed by different controls of gas absorption, extraction machine becomes the perfect tool for any system of smoothing without running any risk.

Easy handling and easy way of transportation, since it carries built-in wheels, you will work with her in a way that is simple and convenient, acquire any position you need thanks to its articulated arms, doesn’t take up much space (approximately what can occupy a not very voluminous climazon) and features a design which, in addition, will give an elegant touch to your living room. His large transparent campaign, so you can see through it, has sufficient power for all gas generated in the service that this applied to be absorbed. The noise of the machine will not be any problem, since any dryer will be twice the sound that the machine itself, which only generates 60 decibels of noise.

Increasingly they are companies, including marks, which recommends the use of these machines for their own products, since it is working safely and a guarantee for the client. You will immediately notice to work any straightening will no longer be a problem for any employee.


There is still no real awareness of the issues surrounding systems of smoothing, which, some of them generate gases that can cause problems to our health, both short and long-term, and it is essential to offer solutions for the customer go to a lounge with the tranquility of your hair be treated with the utmost care and respect , and not in a way that dynamite the profession itself, and is by a smoothing and letting the client to inhale fumes, and many of these customers, after even found badly after the service, it is possible that they want not to return to repeat it. With the extraction machine, the client only worry to see your hair in good condition and perfect and seeing that you you consider using the best tools to get the best outcome for your hair without the added problems.
In the U.S. the extraction machine starts to be a key and very promoted by companies to work with products of smoothing. Culture in that country makes professional look machine as an essential tool to work the facing, as it can be a simple comb or a roller.

The extraction machine is and will be an essential tool, since around smoothing demand continues to grow and increasingly looking for more centers of confidence to ensure a job well done and also using the right tools.

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