The professional hair straightening Japanese Q8 is possibly the best product that exists in terms of the system is concerned.

Few brands are originals, and few professionals are those who opt for this option when it comes to offer its customers a smooth hair, but what if it is true, is that they lost a unique, elegant and high-quality system.

Japanese hair straightening products contain a specific formulation to let hair completely smooth and permanently. We must flee to associate with formalin, since Japanese straightening never carried this compound in their ingredients, in fact, in their country of origin is forbidden even as an ingredient. Us sad to see and know that there are still people who want to do the opposite view or telling carrying compound, when the reality is that it carries or has carried, still to today or will take.

Q8profesional offers four different forces, with which allows to work any type of hair, although a proper diagnosis will always be key to know that force applied and how to work it.
Many are the benefits that we can provide product, but we are so sure of their results, which only speaks by itself. We have spent more than 16 years doing surfaced, and since we work with professional Q8 totals border on perfection, which says a lot about the product.
Leaves hair silky, soft, shine… and above all, smooth… The more positive side of professional Q8 who spent the two weeks about the smooth is very natural, even seems a hair that has not been smoothed.

The duration, say of duration, unmatched. As of today we ignore product or system to the same duration as professional Q8. Talk surfaced keratin, tannins, exosplastia, cells mother, marroquino, etc… In the end, all are the same but with different names, and above all, they are not definitive.

With professional Q8 there are customers to not be taken until after retouching the year and a half, although this depends on the type of hair and the care and maintenance we give. We must remember that the Virgin of the hair that is born, does in its original state, always, and if hair is curly was born curly part. The same for all, absolutely all systems of smoothing. The big difference is that with the smoothed only Japanese will have to touch the root spent the months, and the rest have to review all the hair again.

In addition to having four forces, Q8 has them in two different formats, 400 ml and 100 ml.

No doubt, great vital artery of the brand are the products of maintenance, professional Q8 line becomes essential to final customer. We are too used to that sell us lots of shampoos different, mask, Serum… If they don't work we always think, "I'll be something doing wrong" and don't think that maybe the product simply does not work. However, Q8 products work always, we don't know any client that have failed you, both if the smoothing Japanese as if not. Even collection of products, are made once they have tasted one, want them to all. At the close they save money, leave aside the amount of products they buy and which do nothing to do with the entire line of Q8 and that always gets the result you are looking for. We would love to refer to anyone in particular, but we would end up talking about all of them.

They are different, they are special, they are magical…

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