With Unic Marife Keratin straightening

logounicHere you can see the result of a smoothed with Unic Keratin (keratin Unic) applied to a medium curly hair very dry and curled. As you can see in the photos change between the before and the after is spectacular.

Although the Unic Keratin is a product that can be used strictly for the reconstruction of the hair without modifying the form, our client decided to take it to the end and smooth and completely repair your hair, thus achieving a new look fantastic.

Unic Keratin is very similar to the Japanese straightening treatment that Marife will enjoy your hair smooth for a long period of time.

SEAL-Salon-insurance If you decide to go to a hair salon to make a keratin smoothing, always look for the label “Free gas safe Hall”.

Do not allow possible toxic gases originated in some systems of smoothing may impair your health.

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