Smoothing carbocysteine with Bio Hairvolux of Carmen R first.

Our client Carmen went to in April of this year (2015). She had already made is several previous surfaced with Kerapro and Brazil Cacau and results never fully satisfactory charters. Of echo in the ultimate professional who performed it came to put the Orange hair instead of mahogany. After these smoothing and using a GHD iron much the client presented a hair really spoiled, even to discourage it, our Director Vanessa Moreno, Japanese straightening for fear that is just breaking.

Last month the client to go beating their mistrust created by his bad experience with other centers of hairdressing, decides to start making a color treatment and also carried our following products:

Shampoo Nutri Fresh of Q8,

Q8 Vital Repair Serum

and mask Super Trump No.1 Q8 (products that are usually on waiting list) to improve the health of your hair.

After seeing the amazing improvement in your hair with the use of these products only decided to take the plunge and become relaxed in our centre of Seville. Seeing that even her hair was weak, we decided to apply Bio Hairvolux, a smoothing of carbocysteine getting great results.

Finally on 26 May Carmen held their straightening and was really happy. Finally he managed to have the hair smooth, shiny and healthy, as she wanted to.

We leave you your photo gallery to see the result of the “before- and -after treatment:

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