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After testing and currently follow testing all the possibilities offered by the Japanese hair straightening technique, we have made a portal for you, whether you're a professional or customer, where to find everything we've sued in more than seven years dedicated exclusively to the study and implementation of the system. We offer you the possibility to train with us, consult your tudas, become part of our community, and buy everything you do you need, we're here now only you are which you decide
GeishaThis does not mean that all the hairs may opt into the system of smoothing, the guarantee of success will always be the initial state of the same, and the professional that do the work. We must remember that not all hair suffer treatment chemicals in the same way, as not all are affected in the same way by external agents (chlorine, Sun, hair dryer, irons) in the majority of cases are responsible for the loss of elasticity of the hair. A good example to review is a diet made by two people, there will always be variations, and this same occurs in the hair.
Your technician in smoothing will be the best person to give advice on your specific case.
He is not something that gives a good result, it is to inform about the possibilities offered by this system from the honesty and transparency, so that at last moment is you sell the / which decide with whom and with that brand you want to carry out this system.

Potential customers complain about not be able to find us at all hairdressing establishments and many hairdressers unaware even of this system or refer their absence, about this we want to give the following information:
The Japanese hair straightening system is one of the major advances that had hairdressing Guild in recent years, as much as at the time I become permanent curls system created in the year 1906 by Karl Ludwig Nessler, this showed the world a technology that would literally change the shape of the hair during the next century.
It is logical that since its import until now many hairdressers do not know, have the bad taste of the memory of the old: u even have committed to this system at brands implanted in hairdressing market for many years which have not given them the promised result.
capillaryAn additional problem is that originating brands engaged in principle exclusively straightening without having an established network of distribution and therefore a brand recognition. They were a few years in which the distributors of this system have had to face day to day, with brands already implemented and known by all, which did not allow the use of other different brand or that offered in your distribution chain products of these brands which in many cases are not giving the desired results.

Finally straightening Japanese is a reference system

Training by one of our technicians is compulsory for the sale of this system to the living room, and once the training is complete, the technician will decide if the use is carried out correctly to supply our products. We understand that our perseverance brought facts more than plausible and our system, and today encompasses countries around the world, that is why after 6 years we have chosen to offer to all those who want to delve into this fabulous technique of the hand of our online course, through ignorance or distance for a knowledge explicit, strong and secure the Japanese hair straightening system. This is one of the guarantees that we offer; We prefer to get into the market in a gradual, slow, but safer way.

One of the main queries that we receive by e-mail, is the controversy with the name of the system, you'll find it under the name of Japanese hair straightening, straightening, smoothing Korean, Chinese straightening, ion and an infinite number of variables, the difference always will be the brand that supports this service and the professional that make it.
hair-fasterLittle by little the market opens to offer this possibility and we encourage our customers to apply this system in the salons of their cities. "Alisado.com", distributor of the straightening Japanese since its inception has offered the system of straightening at home, this occurred as a result of the difficulty in finding a qualified salon close or the refusal of the realization of this system by multiple causes. For us, it was one more way to bring the system to you since performing exclusively straightening at home, later the client should go to a salon for a cut, color, etc., and thus most hairdressers would know the system and more experiances with us. We remind that many hair professionals do not want the introduction of this system on the market because they think they will lose clients or by straightening at home market meets and customers will disappear, fortunately for us this is simply the advance of time, as simple as when Emy company launched the recording of music and theatres were opposed, saying that already never they would be more concerts. There will always be critics from ignorance and fear, and in contrast always exist working groups and avant-garde people entering from knowledge of his environment and the desire to advance new techniques offered by the exchange of cultures.

From here to thank all those people who have made it possible that Internet is a place of benign, reliable, responsible and human exchange of information, and all professionals hair salon we cater for the implementation of this system.

To all of them thank you!


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