Smoothing with our exclusive Kensei technique of Eva M.

Our client Eva has always had her hair curly, frizzy and dry, and since I always wanted to have it smooth. Never dared to take the step since his hair had very crisp, with stains and discolorations ancient and feared that he could not save him.
When Eva was in our hands we did various diagnoses and discovered that thanks to our exclusive technique Kensei save your hair was possible. Our Director Vanessa Moreno was in charge of running the treatment and as you can see in the photos, the result was spectacular.

The own Eva later left in our hairdresser Forum the following message:

“I’ve always had very curly, crespo and dry hair and since childhood he had wanted straight hair so I went to the hairdresser’s to make me a permanent straightening but had very brittle and old dye and bleaching hair, Hey, my hair was practically insurmountable. However, did my hair tests and, although with difficulties told me that the smoothing Kensei would be possible. Finally, on Monday, September 15 they did me and the result was miraculous: my hair had gone from being a knot of curls to smooth, soft, silky hair without even having had to cut tips. I have no words to describe the magnificent result. Air-dried without dryer and iron seems like an Asian hair. I have nothing but praise and thanks to the Group of professionals who work in this business. To all who have thought about doing any kind of straightening, by bad whatever the condition of your hair, I recommend treatments both for its reliability and amazing results as by the magnificent reception staff provides to its clients. Thank you for transforming my hair so drastically. “It is so beautiful that it seems not mine!”

You can check it by going here.

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